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Why Writing a Will is so Important

Why Writing a Will is so Important

Date : 2018-06-12

Every adult should write a Will.  Having a Will means you have the comfort of knowing your family will be legally and hopefully financially secure after your passing.  However, too many people believe a Will is only necessary if you have lots of money or are getting older.  This is not the case.  

If you die intestate (without a Will), your Estate will be divided up depending on the inheritance laws of your country.  In most cases everything will be passed to your next of kin.  Problems arise if you don\'t wish it to go to your next of kin or your legal next of kin is not who you believed it to be.  A will can be contested but this can cause extra expense and anguish at an already stressful time.  

Common Issues of Dying Intestate

- You live with a partner.

If you are not married to your partner they are most likely not to be your next of kin and therefore could be left homeless if your home and all your assets are inherited by an ex-wife or sibling.

- You have step-children.

If you have not legally adopted step-children they will not inherit anything if you die intestate.  

- Family Disputes.

Depending on your circumstances your next of kin could be a sibling or even your parents. If for whatever reason, you don\'t want them to claim your assets then you need to write a Will. 

Benefits of Writing a Will

- You take control of your Estate.

Even if all you own is a little savings and some family jewellery, you can stipulate who should inherit it after you die.  By writing a will you are protecting the people you love the most.

- Children

You can also stipulate in a Will who should look after your children if they are left without any parents.

- Charity

If you decide you want your family to get nothing, you can state a cause you support to receive your assets. 

How To Write A Will

It is possible to write your own Will and get a couple of people to witness it, however by getting a Solicitor to write your Will you can be assured that it is written correctly and is less likely to be contested.  At Fergusson Law we can write a standard will for a fixed fee

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How can ISO 14001 help improve a company’s total quality management?

Date : 2019-02-16

ISO 14001 Certification in Egypt is widely recognized as the business segment\'s foremost standard to enable associations to manage environmental performance, there are also additional advantages that associations should accumulate from adapting the standard and its practices. To coordinate ISO 14001 and 9001, we looked at the simplicity with which the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards could be incorporated by a business, so it is quickly certain that there are many activities and practices shared by the two guidelines, including the idea of \"total quality management\". It consequently would appear to be reasonable to expect that the implementation of ISO 14001 Certification in Oman may prompt changes in quality management performance also – yet, is that valid, and assuming this is the case, how might we guarantee that our business benefits as well?

ISO 14001 and quality management – What is the relationship?
Attach SL and its utilization has implied that the ISO group of standards uses similar clauses and terminology, so integrating the standards into your TQM business management system should be moderately consistent. In this manner, if you presently consent to ISO 14001, at that point your related Quality Management System or activities should be smoother and more efficient because of this shared knowledge and activity. All things considered, a significant number of the functions in the ISO 14001 Certification in Nigeria standard, for example, management review, internal audit, and restorative activity, are shared by the standards. With consistent change and customer satisfaction being central to two standards especially the 9001 standard, and the \"Plan, Do, check, Act\" cycle being a typical topic, it turns out to be evident that the two standards are firmly related. Given TQM\'s basis of consolidation of systems at last prompting consumer loyalty, obviously ISO 14001 has a segment to play within this system.

How can your EMS activities help your quality performance?

If your association conforms to ISO 14001 Certification in Egypt, and in this manner has a working Environmental Management System, then this without doubt can positively impact your overall quality performance. Let’s examine how:
1) Your association will be acclimated with utilizing goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) as a component of your EMS. Similarly as fact-based decision making is central to TQM, utilize a similar essential strategies to build up quality KPIs and work towards quality targets this is integral to understanding your performance, and ultimately improving it. The article How to characterize key performance indicators for a QMS based on ISO 9001 can help you with this topic.

2) In the article measuring training effectiveness in ISO 14001:2015 we looked at the significance of preparing and knowledge to the EMS; this is similarly important to your Quality Management System, and integrated TQM system. Combine aspects of quality performance, product awareness, and shared QMS targets into your training program and you can increase awareness and encourage enhanced product knowledge and QMS performance rapidly. Effective training can encourage this.

3) Use your leaders to enhance quality. In the article How to show administration as indicated by ISO 14001 we looked at the positive effect that good leadership can convey to your EMS performance, and this is fundamentally the same as far as the QMS. Most leaders will jump at the opportunity of improving quality performance with generally little cost; therefore, implementing quality-related activities into your current EMS functions can give quick advantages to the quality performance of the business. It can be fitting to draw up an arrangement of how these activities can be replicated or basically extended to help your association\'s quality management performance, as this can be powerful in connecting with and winning over organizational leaders.

4) In the article How to designate roles and responsibilities according to ISO 14001 Certification in Iran we looked at allocating EMS responsibilities. Since we have established leadership purchase in and set up KPIs, for what reason exclude fundamental quality management responsibilities in people\'s sets of responsibilities? This gives your association with a clear opportunity: integrate activities, programs, and corresponding responsibilities into the roles and responsibilities of chose people, who would then be able to be prepared and mentored to accurately complete exercises that will enhance your product quality internally, and deliver excellent TQM results.

5) Work to change the organization culture. In the article 5 tips to build a positive environmental culture in an organization we looked at how culture could be changed. Similarly, a culture of positive behavior that can enhance your aggregate quality management performance can also be established at the meantime. Strengthening that good quality management, product execution, and consumer satisfaction all prompt expanded accomplishment for the association and increased job security for employees can be the foundation for culture reinforcement. This can regularly prompt expanded representative action as far as employee interest in quality management, and readiness to participate in change gatherings and discussions. Subsequently, if you have established and enhanced this culture utilizing the advice given during ISO 14001 implementation, your association has a sound premise to utilize this component to enhance all-around quality management performance.  Once more, this aligns perfectly with the \"aggregate representative contribution\" of TQM.

Getting maximum benefit:

We would now be able to see that there are real techniques – in terms of activities, behaviors, culture, and the common arrangement of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 – to guarantee that the establishments that ISO 14001 Certification in South Africa has given to your organization and workforce can be utilized to improve total quality management, as a joint procedure between your existing management systems. In fact, in many ways the usage of an EMS, with the activities, behaviors, culture, and knowledge requirements expected to make it successful, is the ideal system to make quality changes by coordinating components of quality awareness and activities into your current exercises and responsibilities.  Combining the two can greatly improve the odds of your association\'s overall achievement and success, and further upgrade your association\'s concept of TQM, and that will be good news for everybody – especially your clients.

In case you searching for How to get ISO 14001 Consultants in Nigeria you can contact to us at contact @certvalue.com or visit our professional site at ISO Certification Consultant Companies in Chennai,Oman, Egypt,Nigeria, South Africa,Iran UAE-Certvalue to get about us and our ability in helping your association get guaranteed. We confirmation to you that ISO expert in Egypt will give you the best accessible arrangement in the market. You can don\'t feel to associate with us.
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How To Get Hydrocodone

Date : 2019-02-20

Hydrocodone is a semi manufactured narcotic for the most\r\npart used to get moderate extreme torment when utilized restoratively. It is a\r\ntimetable III (C-III) opiate in the Controlled Substance Act in the United\r\nStates of America meaning it has a moderate maltreatment potential, not at all\r\nlike C-II or C-I tranquilizes which have a lot higher maltreatment potential.  hydrocodone\r\norder online


At the point when utilized recreationally, hydrocodone\r\nproduces impacts fundamentally the same as morphine, heroin, and oxycodone.\r\nForce is somewhat lower than morphine or heroin on the grounds that these two\r\nmedications are for the most part controlled intravenously.


In opposition to prevalent thinking, hydrocodone is really\r\nan extremely addictive medication when abused. At the point when utilized under\r\nmedicinal settings precisely as prescibed, most clients of hydrocodone don\'t\r\nend up dependent on the medication. Be that as it may, numerous other\r\nindividuals can go specialist shopping to get this medication and use it for\r\ntheir own recreational use.


At the point when individuals withdrawal from this\r\nmedication whether they are dependent or just dependent(dependence just methods\r\nthe client\'s body reacts contrarily to the absense of the medication, however\r\nnot really dependent) on it, the individual will be overwhelmed by a sentiment\r\nof an awful instance of influenza, except if the individual looks for methadone\r\nor buprenorphine substitution treatment. Withdrawal indications by and large\r\nincorporate, a sleeping disorder, shakes, chills, tension, weariness,\r\nqueasiness, retching, eager leg disorder, and goosebumps. Withdrawal side\r\neffects start in the blink of an eye before the following dosing time, and\r\nproceed for 72 hours, expanding in power, at that point after the 72 hour\r\npinnacle, the manifestations radically retreat. Generally following seven days,\r\nall physical withdrawal side effects end. More often than not, a dependent\r\nindividual who was utilizing the medication for recreational purposes just,\r\nwill have an extended period of withdrawal that is just mental which can last\r\naround a half year. Amid these a half year, the ex-client will feel constrained\r\nto utilize the medication once more, talk about the medication a ton, and want\r\nto use, in spite of the reality they have no physical withdrawal side effects.\r\nAs a rule following a half year of forbearance from hydrocodone, the client\r\nwill have no phsychological withdrawal side effects.  Where\r\ncan i buy hydrocodone online


I was recommended 80 hydrocodone (10mg hydrocodone/650mg\r\nacetaminophen)with 3 refills to help with post agent medical procedure. I\r\nutilized it now and then, for a month until I got my push off my arm. At that\r\npoint a couple of months after the fact I took one for a migraine. I truly\r\npreferred the inclination so I just begun taking one consistently, at that\r\npoint I began taking it two times every day, and afterward I increased my\r\nportion. I acquired every one of the refills from the drug store with no\r\ninquiries.


This is the point in which I was dependent. I began taking\r\npills, paying them off the road, supposing that I didn\'t have them, I would be\r\nin the most exceedingly bad agony of my life. I did this for about a year until\r\nI was taking around 18 of these pills at once. I thought I was biting the dust\r\nthe last time I utilized in light of the fact that I vomited a stream. So I\r\nexperienced the withdrawal which was hellfire.


Today regardless I feel a longing to utilize the medication,\r\nin spite of the way that my liver might be shot, and all the negative things\r\nthat occurred.


I can give both of you expressions of counsel, in the event\r\nthat you are in serious agony and need this medication, use it for your\r\ntorment. On the off chance that you are hoping to get high, DO NOT utilize this\r\nmedication, stick to something like weed.



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Casio to Release Full-Metal G-SHOCK Watches with Octagonal Bezel

Casio to Release Full-Metal G-SHOCK Watches with Octagonal Bezel

Date : 2022-09-29

Adding to the popular 2100 line featuring a streamlined, minimalist design


TOKYO, July 28, 2022 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the latest additions to its G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches. These three new GM-B2100 watches, with a full-metal design now adopted for iconic octagonal bezel of the 2100 line.


Since the 2019 release of the GA-2100 — a contemporary interpretation of the very first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C — the slim, simple, streamlined design of the 2100 line has proven popular, especially among younger consumers.


This new shock-resistant GM-B2100 watches employ stainless steel as the exterior material for the case, band, and bezel, pushing the 2100 line forward in both full-metal construction and sharp design. In order to ensure shock resistance in these metal-clad timepieces, the shock-resistant structure created for the iconic shape of the full-metal GMW-B5000 was adopted for the screw-back case, band, and bezel joints of these watches as well, with buffering components made of fine resin installed between the bezel and case.


The bezel, put through meticulous processes — first forging, then cutting and polishing — are precisely crafted for an intricately shaped face that is eye-catchingly solid and stylish. To accentuate the beauty of the metal, the components are treated with different finishes — the bezel with a circular hairline finish on its top surface, the band with a vertical hairline finish, and the bezel bevel, buttons and case back with a mirror finish. The dial is composed of multiple parts to create depth and dimension, while the inset dial ring at the 9 o’clock position and the index marks are treated with a vapor deposition finish for a watch face with a truly quality look.


The three new watches are the silver GM-B2100D with stainless steel gleam, the chic GM-B2100BD with black ion plating, and the GM-B2100GD with bright rose gold, for versatility suited to every style and occasion.


The new watches also deliver practical utility with a Tough Solar charging system that eliminates the need to regularly replace the battery. They are also equipped with Smartphone Link* connectivity via Bluetooth® for accurate timekeeping and easy setting of alarms, countdown timer, world time and other functions from a smartphone app.


* Requires downloading the dedicated CASIO WATCHES app.









Rose Gold



 GM-B2100D          GM-B2100BD         GM-B2100GD





Water Resistance

200 meters



Bluetooth® low energy 

Signal Range

Up to 2 meters (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)

World Time

38 time zones* (38 cities + coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, auto summer time (DST) switching, home city/world time city swapping
* May be updated when connected to a smartphone.


1/100 second (00’00”00~59’59”99) /1 second (1:00’00” ~23:59’59”); measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99\"; measuring modes: elapsed time, lap/split time

Countdown Timer

Measuring unit: 1 second (maximum 1 hours)


5 daily alarms; hourly time signal

Mobile Link Features

(Wireless linking with Bluetooth® devices)

Auto time adjustment

Easy watch setting

Approximately 300 world time cities

Time & place


Phone finder

Other Functions

Hand shift feature; date/month display swapping; day display (in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian); full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; button operation tone on/off; battery level indicator; double LED light (Super Illuminator and afterglow: 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds)

Power Source

Tough Solar power system (solar-charging system)

Continuous Operation

About 7 months after full charge, using all functions but without solar charging
About 18 months with the power-saving function ON after full charge

Size of Case


Total Weight

Approx. 165g

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license.

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