Mangal Prabhu Hospital

A Private Hospital with Charitable Heart

Mangal Prabhu Hospital has arnremarkable history that traces its roots back to its inception as a dedicatedrnChild and Mother care facility. Over the years, we have grown and evolved intorna prominent MultispecialtyrnHospital in Navi Mumbai. With our steadfast commitment tornhealthcare excellence, we now offer a comprehensive range of medical servicesrnand specialties, ensuring that our patients receive the highest standard ofrncare.

Our hospital boasts several departments that cater tornvarious medical needs. Our General Surgery department comprises skilledrnsurgeons who perform a wide array of surgical procedures with precision andrnexpertise. The General Medicine department is staffed by experienced physiciansrnwho provide compassionate and comprehensive care for a range of medicalrnconditions. In addition, our Orthopedics department specializes in therndiagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, helping patients regainrntheir mobility and quality of life. We also have a dedicated Urology departmentrnthat offers advanced diagnostics and treatment options for urinary tract andrnreproductive system disorders. 

At Mangal Prabhu Hospital, we take great pridernin our ability to deliver high-quality medical care that is accessible andrnaffordable for all. We understand the importance of making healthcare servicesrnavailable to everyone, and therefore, we strive to keep our prices reasonable without compromising on the quality of care. We believe that every individualrndeserves the best possible medical attention, and we work diligently to ensurernthat our services remain affordable for all segments of society.

To further enhance accessibility and convenience, wernhave established partnerships with various insurance companies and Third-PartyrnAdministrators (TPAs). This allows us to offer cashless hospital servicesrnin Navi Mumbai, enabling patients to avail themselves of medical carernwithout the burden of upfront payments. By accepting most insurance and TPArncoverage, we aim to streamline the healthcare process and alleviate financialrnstress for our patients and their families.

Mangal Prabhu Hospital is committedrnto upholding its reputation as a leading healthcare institution in Navi Mumbai.rnWe continuously strive to provide exceptional medical services, maintainrnaffordability, and ensure a seamless healthcare experience for our patients.rnWith our team of dedicated healthcare professionals, state-of-the-artrnfacilities, and a patient-centric approach, we are driven to make a positiverndifference in the lives of those we serve.

Map Location of Mangal PrabhurnMultispecialty Hospital:

Address: - Plot No. 27, Sector - 24 Near tornJuinagar (W, Sanpada Railway Station Road Juinagar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtrarn400706.

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