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We will be taking a fun and wildly different look at the night sky one filled with laughter suspense wonderment spiritual connection story telling & the occasional "WTF is that?" moments
Connect and Experience the Stars the way our Native American Ancestors did...But with Modern Day Technology.  Our GEN3 Military Night Vision Binoculars light up the sky like it was 1000 years ago. The Mi’kmaq people of the Northeastern Woodlands call it "etuaptmumk" or two eyed seeing.  Embracing both the spiritual connection to the stars as well as the scientific way we look at the Universe today
Our Stargazing Joshua Tree experience is a highly interactive experience, which allows you too look at those lights in the sky the way cultures have for thousands of years and helps us connect to our place in the universe, at large, and the heavens above! To experience the magic that is there for all of us to see.  All in an easy to understand, entertaining wish upon a star way!  This experience is for any age

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