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An individual doesn’t recover from drug addiction by just stopping the use of it. The recovery and healing of such is through creating a new life where it would be a lot easier to forget about the use of addictive substances. Recovery does not always mean changing your whole life. It’s just that, if you cling on to your past experiences, the factors that lead you to such addiction will eventually catch up with you again. It’s like your nightmare has been chasing you. And, don’t ever let it get you. Just leave it behind. Keep moving forward. Don’t be afraid to take the stairways towards the new you. Thus, the alcohol detox centre is here for you. We provide you a home to grow and bloom.

We have the determination and the willingness to help the victims of addiction. Our expert professionals, highly effective addiction specialists, conduct a precise analysis to identify the source cause of the client’s leading complaint. Instead of providing a symptom-focused medication plan, we take a unique approach to health care and treat the body in order to heal the source cause of the problem and provide long-term treatment. We also take a practical approach to concussion diagnosis and rehabilitation. We remain committed to working not just within our community, but all over the world to specifically address the challenge of addiction. Our team appropriates evidence-based modalities individual and group therapy and also changing life skills classes. Part of our job is to educate individuals on how to prevent a potential relapse and respond to an actual relapse. This is an important part of substance abuse treatment. Addiction Recovery House uses relapse prevention therapy to help clients gain an understanding of the relapse process, know the core issues and triggering circumstances, manage urges, and strengthen the clients’ recovery, rather than undergo a possible setback. Gaining a piece of knowledge on the underpinnings of addiction is one of our key parts in the therapeutic process. We educate clients about the factors of family background, genetics, the environment they were in, and the different ways in which drugs and any other related addictive substances interact with the body and brain.

Addiction Recovery House had based their process on Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) which was developed by the late Albert Ellis. REBT helps the clients recognize and fix their irrational beliefs so they can acquire more effective, efficient and rational emotional coping. A life of addictive behaviors is often correlated to a life permeated with despair and disaster. Our counselors use material taken from various reliable sources including, Grief Work Healing from Loss by Frank Zamore and Ester Leutenberg to be educated about the different stages of grief so they can begin to talk about difficult emotions that are often suppressed through substance abuse. Through the process, clients have developed their learning on increasing awareness of emotional responses, needs around grief and loss to inspire and sustain healthier behaviors around complex emotions rather than using substances, avoiding emotion, and acting in anger as many clients have done for years. Addiction Recovery House is here to provide what you need. We are not just a mere building for you to recover but we are more of a home for you to prosper. For other related concussion recovery programs, please do visit us.

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