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Sent Flying is a Digital Advertising Agency established in the heart of Ipswich. We provide SEO, social media ranking and performance optimisation that will rocket your label into the digital stratosphere.

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Your website may as well not exist if your customers can't find it. Search engines like Google are the gateway to the rest of the internet; the ranked outputs of a search are where your site exists or expires in terms of traffic.

Google ranks websites using hundreds of indicators, progressing further than the visible signals of content quality and significance. Our wealth of SEO experience empowers us to work on those indicators, using our tools and expertise to deliver your site flying up the rankings towards more clicks, connections and conversions.


With its worldwide user base expected to lean the scales at 2.5 billion this year, social media is the new bricks and mortar. It's not just normal, it's expected. If you desire to initiate trusting, lasting relationships with clients who keep returning for more, a social media presence - Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn and Google Plus - is necessary.

We assist you develop the perfect profiles on the sites that work for you, focusing on the social media channels you need to stay in touch, seek leads and grow a purposeful online brand.


You've performed your way to the top of the search engine rankings. You've established an excellent social media empire. Clients are flooding to your website to make that all important decision: buy or no buy.

But if your page takes too long to load - with research recommending a timeframe as small as a couple of seconds - it's all been for nothing. Browsers have come to anticipate instant satisfaction, not only from desktop computers but from mobile devices as well.

Which implies that your website must run as quickly and painlessly as it can on every conceivable unit. We apply our exceptional knowledge of the fine facts of website performance to calibrate your site, achieving valuable seconds in load time and making clients speeding into that big buy button.

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