Commercial Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

Commercial Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

Atlantis is a leading name in the Hot Beverage Vending Machine/Tea and Coffee Vending Machines category in India. Having been in the business for over 25 years,

We have a distribution network spread across the length and breadth of India.

Atlantis Tea Coffee Machine is ideal for small offices, large corporate establishments, cafeterias & canteens at hospitals, schools & colleges, shops and other types of commercial establishments.

Tea and Coffee Maker Machine are Available in 5 in-house Brands.

Atlantis Micro, Atlantis Classic, Atlantis NEO, Atlantis Select and Atlantis Air Press. Where in Micro mini coffee machine is available in 2 Lane only.

Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machines are available in Atlantis NEO 4 Lane and Atlantis Airpress 4 Lane.

Atlantis Classic is available in 2/3/4 lane Tea Machine, Atlantis NEO is available in 2/3 Lane and 4 Lane.

Atlantis Select Hot Beverage Machine is a 7 Lane Coffee Machine and Air press is available in 2/3/4 lane models.

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