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Otra Forma is a commercial interior design studio that celebrates the creative process, in all its inspiration, elation, and suffering, to produce playful and unique spaces that just make life better for our clients and their customers. Shop Design Christchurch is all about creating beautifully designed spaces that are both functional and stylish. We believe that every space should be unique, and we take pride in our ability to create custom designs that reflect our clients’ personalities and needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you create the perfect shop design! We are Shop Design, and we focus on helping eCommerce businesses create beautiful, conversion-focused stores. We do this by providing high-quality Shopify themes and expert design services. If you're looking to create a stunning store that will convert your visitors into customers, then you need to work with us!

Retail Design Christchurch focuses on designing the interior layout and outfitting retail spaces such as stores and restaurants, incorporating fundamental design elements to create consumer-friendly environments.”The retail industry is facing some challenges, primarily because of the introduction of online retail, which increases competitive intensity. While the design of a beautiful and effective store is critical, not much attention is directed toward retail design. As a result, almost every retailer seems to be doing the same thing, and they are all selling similar products. Consumers are easily persuaded to purchase the same item for which they were asked, so the appeal and marketing message has become extremely repetitive. The interior and exterior design of a brick and mortar store usually plays a significant role in an emotive and positive experience for the customer. A shop's design should reflect the brand's products, location, and culture, all of which are highlighted in the infographic below. The retailer's primary objective is to increase in-store traffic and sales. Emphasized here is the importance of shop design optimization to be in sync with the aforementioned end goal. Popular trends make a positive impact on the experiences of those frequenting a store. It's crucial to stay on top of what is popular in e-commerce design as well as the in-store experience.

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