Otopeni Airport Parking

Otopeni Airport Parking
Why we are the best for you - 

1 - The service provide for your comfort - 

This efficient service of parcare aeropor otopeni and transfer to the terminal offers the same comfort as your car. The vehicles in our equipment will take all our passengers to the departure terminal. Or, on the contrary, they can take them from there to leave them at a hotel or they will bring them to our headquarters, where this parking is also located so that they can recover their car to go home. After some very long trips, many passengers are already tired, so their comfort becomes a priority for us.

2 -  Friendly staff, with a wealth of experience

Our staff is specially trained to be polite with our precious clients, And the drivers who's transferred you to the terminal  is employed by us. which are well informed about any possible problems that may arise (but it never be, Don't worry). our employees have a good experience in this field. Our drivers understand very well what needs to be done, they are proficient in foreign languages, so you don't have to worry about language prob.

3 - Because our service is the most affordable - 

We don't only care about your car we also care about your wallet behavior. because as usual nobody wants to waste their money in just parking service but we know how much car is important for you. That's why we are providing the cheapest parcare otopeni service in Bucharest with no limit of time.

- Here is our price list for convenience
 1 zi  - 30 Lei
2 zile - 40 Lei
3 zile - 50 Lei
4 zile - 60 Lei
5 zile - 70 Lei
6 zile - 80 Lei
7 zile - 90 Lei
8 zile - 100 Lei 
9 zile - 110 Lei
10 zile-    120 Lei
11 zile-    130 Lei
12 zile-   140 Lei
13 zile-   150 Lei
14 zile-   160 Lei
15 zile-   170 Lei
16 zile-   180 Lei 

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Otopeni Romania
Legal Entity: Proprietor Founded: 2000 No Employs: 30 Turnover: 500000


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