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Aklanda employs a team of Australian knitwear designers who develop and craft premium knitwear garments. Our designs showcase authentic and high-quality Australian craftsmanship. Most of all, these designs are readily available at our online store.  

If you love local brands, Aklanda is a trusted name in the knitwear industry. We have been operating since 1988. Since then, we have adapted to the changing trends while remaining true to our core values of providing quality care and comfort.  

We have been dubbed as the top brand for woolen jumpers in Australia for our consistent understanding of the market trends. Enjoy the comforts brought by our proudly Australian-crafted garments today. 

Aside from the premium make and materials, we also pride ourselves with our full range of options for our ever-changing market. Whether you are on the lookout for a woolen sweater for women or knitting designs for men’s sweaters, we have it in stock here at Aklanda. 

If you are looking for woolen garments by Australian knitwear designers, do not hesitate to check out our products. Visit our shop to see our latest designs like our mercerised cotton face masks.

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