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Zebra Technologies offers a variety of mobile computers through Ingram Micro, each designed to meet specific business needs across various industries in Saudi arabia. Some notable variations of zebra mobile computers Saudi arabia includes,

TC Series (TC21/TC26, TC52x/TC57x): These models are known for their sleek design, user-friendly Android interface, and durability. Ideal for retail, healthcare, and field services.

MC Series (MC33XX, MC93): These rugged mobile computers are built for warehouse, manufacturing, and logistics applications. They offer advanced data capture capabilities and robust performance.

EC Series (EC30, EC50/EC55): Compact and lightweight, these models are perfect for task management, inventory tracking, and customer service in retail and hospitality sectors.

WT6000: A wearable computer designed for hands-free operations in warehouse and distribution environments. It pairs well with Zebra's ring scanners for efficient order picking.

ET Series (ET51/ET56): Enterprise tablets that combine the portability of a consumer tablet with the ruggedness and reliability required for business use in field service and retail.

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