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We exist to help students of all levels, from kindergarten to college, rnachieve their goals. Our purpose is simple: we teach our students how torn overcome obstacles rather than simply finding ways around them.

Lynnrn Ellis, founder of Head of the Class Academic & Counseling Center, rnstates: "It has become commonplace to modify components of educational rnprograms for these kids–but modification is not education. Rather than rnlowering the playing field through modifications, we need to level it rnthrough adaptations and various teaching strategies."

Each tutor rnat the center is an expert in his or her discipline, holding bachelor's,rn master's or even doctoral degrees. We assist students who are rnstruggling in a variety of academic areas; by using innovative teaching rnand tutoring techniques, we can rapidly bring any willing student up to rnspeed. Our motto is a simple one: failure is not an option.

Becausern our programs are focused on advancing students quickly, even rnindividuals at the top of their classes can benefit from our enrichment rnand test preparation courses. Studies have demonstrated that individualsrn who work with a tutor consistently outperform their peers on rnstandardized tests; in a competitive college admissions environment, rnthose extra points often make a significant difference and likely lead rnto scholarship opportunities.

Whatever your goals, wherever you rnstruggle–you'll find solutions and encouragement here. No matter where rnyou are academically, the Head of the Class is where you belong.

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