Dr. Kapil Sharma

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Dr. Kapil Sharma is one of thernbest Psychiatrists, Psychologist & Sexologist doctor in Jaipur. He helpsrnpatients with every possible solution. He assists every patient who hasrnneuropsychological problems, drug addictions, sexual or behavioral problem. Dr.rnKapil Sharma carefully listen the problems of patients and provides themrnresult-oriented solutions. Being a specialized in Psychiatry (M.D) andrnNeonatology in Jaipur, Dr. Kapil Sharma offers a number of medical services,rnincluding Migraine Treatment, Premarital Counseling, Cognitive BehavioralrnTherapy (CBT), Family Counseling, Adolescent Medicine, Alzheimer's Disease,rnNicotine/Tobacco (Smoking) De-addiction Treatment, Phobias, Grief, Sexologist/rnSexual-Relationship Counseling/ PE/ ED, Psychosexual Problems, GeriatricrnProblems, Stress Test, Insomnia (Sleeplessness) and many more.rnDr. Kapil Sharma has a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipments. Thernclinic has separate waiting and consultation areas which allow enough space forrnpatients to wait conveniently at the clinic.

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