Provacan is leading CBD Oil UK brand developed by the company CiiTech. Currently classed as one of the leading companies in the UK, the company blends the expertise of Israel’s pioneering cannabis research specialists with top UK health practices, to offer its state-of-the-art CBD formulation to the retail market. The company is partnered with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and conducts ongoing cannabis and CBD research to improve the quality of their formula and create an end product that is second to none.

This essential partnership also allows CiiTECH to achieve the highest and most potent CBD formula on the market. Together with Professor Raphael Mechoulam, the individual responsible for the discovery and isolation of CBD, CiiTECH is achieving unbelievable results in regards to its products and therapeutic benefits. 

In regards to Provacan's CBD Oil, CiiTech designs and develops their Provacan CBD products in Israel and after going through rigorous testing are available online in the UK. This ensures that you are buying CBD from a company you can trust. It's also important to note that 10% of CiiTECH’s profit are fed right back into cannabis research and worthy causes, meaning that CiiTech is always looking to move forward and improve the quality of their products.

Dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, effective CBD products, the Provacan website contains a plethora of information about CBD and its effects, which is ideal for newcomers and those who take CBD on a regular basis. For more information on Provacan, feel free to visit their official site at

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