Hydrographic survey is a valid protocol to follow and found its right usage for collecting most accurate and precise tidal data by using Okeanus ocean survey equipment rental which is easily used on both offshore and shore-based subsea application. Speaking of the listed product under the Okeanus catalog they all found its wide application in mapping the sea bed from extremely deep water to shallow water. Clients and customers of Okeanus are highly satisfied as all their requirements for size, ease of use and performance with a quality package according to the budget is fulfilled on a timely basis. Also, its wide range of accessories contributes to a strong portfolio for all the premium quality products listed in the catalog. All its accessories contribute majorly in delivering a complete solution ranging from sound velocity sensor to ROV lights and camera, winches, acoustic releases, and many more all the ocean survey equipment and accessories find huge demand in the market.

Ease in the deployment

Okeanus is the leading manufacturers of acoustic releases for shallow, mid and deepwater operation across the globe. From decades it’s been found as the useful ocean survey equipment for collecting the studying the ocean floor. It is majorly used in deploying and recovering critical subsea instrumentations such as ROV’s in many critical operations. To get amazed with acoustic releases unique features and workflow you can easily place or deploy a 25 ton of in-line instrumentation to the surface for recovery. All the units of acoustic releases are operated and commanded from a universal topside unit which gives a clear picture to handle and operate the system at ease. With decades of experience Okeanus acoustic releases or any ocean, survey equipment has become the symbol for quality and dependability even in the harshest of the environment.

An ideal acoustic releases works on an acoustic command signal principle where it works transiently and has the ability to and transmits a signal to the surface instrument to get a clear vision of the underwater scenario. By consuming battery power it gives a maximum usage of 1 to 2 years in its entire life span. Okeanus being the known brand for providing the latest oceanographic and marine scientific ocean survey equipment has made its place in the international community. Its ready to deployment at a moment’s notice attitude has made it a popular manufacturer in the oceanographic industry. Okeanus is an exclusive provider for SOSI and DT marine products along with that it also assists the customers by providing a fit for purpose solution that can suit for any major operations taken underwater no matter what the depth or location is. With its unique services from deck to the sea floor, Okeanus expert team work efficiently and provide the best service for getting your job done on time and under the set budget. Okeanus as a team holds the new definition for the ocean industry and follows the mission of providing the high-quality products and services to the customers.


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