List of top 5 ESA birds for stress and depression

Usually, people think of cats and dogs when getting an ESA. They will rarely think about getting an emotional support animal letter for their parrot or other bird pet. It is because they think that birds are not capable of healing humans. Or they do not effectively bond with humans to treat them emotionally. Moreover, the expanding popularity of dogs and cats among the ESA has also caused harm to the bird’s reputation. However, all these are myths birds tend to be the best ESA you can ever have as emotional support. Thus, change your notion and start thinking about making a pet bird your companion in stress.

Get Your ESA Letter and Fly with Your Feathered Friend: Top 5 ESA Birds for Stress and Depression

If you're looking for a unique Emotional Support Animal (ESA), why not consider a bird? These feathered friends can provide companionship and comfort, helping to alleviate the symptoms of stress and depression.

If you're interested in getting an ESA bird, you'll need an ESA letter from a certified mental health professional. RealESAletter is a reputable provider of ESA letters, and we can help you get the documentation you need to fly with your feathered friend. Contact realesaletter today to learn more.

Likely, people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, or other mental illnesses are scared of bigger animals. Or they might be uncomfortable with having a dog or cat at home. Sometimes they do not even have enough space to keep a dog or cat. In that scenario, birds benefit as an emotional support animal. It is due to their small size and caring nature. Birds are happy creatures with a lot of affection for humans if they are trained properly. You might have noticed that even stray birds come back to their nests provided by a random person. So, birds will for sure be your emotional support kit in times of strife.

Here we have listed five birds that are the best ESA for any person suffering from a mental illness.

Parakeet: Parakeets are available in a variety of vibrant colors, and they love to talk. So, they make the environment vibrant, and chattery without any doubt. If there is a parakeet available at your house, then there is no way that you will feel anxious or lonely. They will keep talking and make you feel good. They are the best mimickers of humans, and they are very social. They get along with every human; thus, are effective to treat patients with anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Macaw: Macaws are a kind of parrot, and they are known for the vibrant colors of their wings. They require a handsome amount of attention as they are attention seekers and want their owners to be around them. They are big creatures with long tails and sharp colors that soothe the owner's eyes. Macaws have unique feet with four toes such that two toes face forward and the other two faces backward. Every macaw has a unique personality, and they get along well with humans. Macaws are very talkative, and they even talk in complete sentences. They even call their owner's name from time to time. They are the best ESA for lonely people. So, if you have a macaw; then you should get an emotional support animal letter to make them a licensed animal.

Dove: Unlike other animals, they have no variety of colors, yet they make a good ESA. It is because the dove is a peaceful, intelligent, and easy to train animal. Despite being a big creature, the dove is not loud at all. They are gentle all the time and require low maintenance. Doves are not attention-seeking like parrots and parakeets; doves care for their owner and coo soothingly when they feel that their owner is depressed.

Cockatiel: You may think it is just like an ordinary parrot. However, cockatiels have a unique curved beak and have zygodactyl feet that make them different. They are small birds and are only available in grey and yellow color. A cockatiel is not able to imitate what you speak, but they love to sing random songs. Or they will keep humming all day long. They have a very soft voice due to their small size and have a soothing sensation. Such that when a patient hears them humming, they feel relaxed. Cockatiels are human-friendly and affectionate under all circumstances. One can even touch them or have them in their hands, and they will not mind it at all. Moreover, they love to stay on their owner's shoulders to keep them company.

Parrots: Among all the birds, parrots are the most common ones, even as a pet and as an ESA. It is due to the intuitive nature of parrots to sense the mood and their ability to learn. Parrots are intelligent creatures that can learn sentences or imitate ringtones they hear regularly. A parrot is an attention seeker, and one cannot ignore their presence. All these abilities make them eligible to make an ESA. Many parrot owners narrate the stories that whenever they feel down or stressed, their parrot comes near them and consoles them by speaking up the sentences they know. Or they become all cheeky and start whistling or singing ringtones. Thus, having a parrot is the easiest way to treat anxiety.

Thus, get any of these five birds as an ESA without facing many issues. They will help you regain your health and feel less lonely.

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         You can get an ESA letter for housing for these birds as well. Since you must want to keep a bird at home. Moreover, birds are easier to keep at home as they require less care than other big animals. Thus, get your hands on these two letters and make the ESA bird legally and ethically yours. You can take that bird with you to all the public places and even travel along with them on an airplane with the two mentioned letters.  

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