5 Essential Riding Gears for Winter Motorcycle Tours in the Philippines

Philippines is of the most beautiful countries in the world. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Philippines has a variety of cultural and geographical juxtapositions let me get one of the most interesting places or not to explore new experiences that you've never seen before. That is why, every year thousands of motorcyclists from all around the country arrive in the Philippines to checkout its natural wonders and remnants of Spanish an American colonization. if you have a similar intention in mind, and if you are planning winter motorcycling tour of the Philippines, here 5 essential riding gears that you need to have to stay comfortable throughout your ride. 

Full face helmet 

first and foremost, the most important thing that you need to have to stay safe on a motorcycle is a full-face helmet. Apart from a full-face helmet there are also other alternative such as an open face helmet order modular helmet, and all of them are equally safe with little differences in style and features. Choose a helmet that matches your lifestyle requirement the best. For example, if you want the freedom of lifting the front visor of the helmet and making it an open face helmet, we recommend using a modular helmet instead of a full-face helmet. But if you want superior weather protection and don't want any compromise with your safety then perhaps a full-face helmet is your best choice. 

Leather gloves 

Motorcycle riding clubs come in different designs and are made of different materials. The most common and ubiquitous motorcycle headlamps are made of fabric material with reinforced plastic material placed strategically on the knuckles and palms to protect them from being scraped in the event of an accident. but fabric clubs are not very good at keeping the chilly air out, which means your hand will immediately become cold if you're riding in the winter. This is why we recommend using a leather gloves for riding motorcycles in the winter. your writing experience will become completely enhanced and much better if the motorcycle comes with in-built heated hand grips. In case it doesn't come with heated grips, you can look at the aftermarket options and install one especially if you are planning to go on many rights during the winter months.  

Riding jacket 

The cold wind seeping inside the body from the gaps between the riding gears is one of the major problems why motorcyclist become uncomfortable while riding a motorcycle in cold conditions. Find a good jacket that completely covered you from the top of your neck to the West up to the wrist completely. look for motorcycle riding jackets that have a strap on the rest to tie it up which will prevent Cold air from getting inside from under the sleeves. for riding in the winter, a leather riding jacket is the best choice that we will strongly recommend. 

Riding pants 

Many people make the mistake of riding a motorcycle either under shorts, or normal trousers or jeans. While a good quality jeans will protect your knees and legs in the event of accident, shorts or normal trousers will not! Also wearing jeans for several hours at an end while going on a long road trip in the Philippines might not be a good idea especially because it is not comfortable. What we recommend instead is that you invest in a pair of good riding pants that will not only keep your legs warm and protected against the cold winter wind but also save you from scratches and bruises if you happen to lose balance on the motorcycle and fall down. Check out motorcycle accessory shops near you in the Philippines for the latest in riding gears and accessories.  

Ankle high boots 

Last but not the least, you also need a pair of ankle high boots especially for riding in the winters to stop ankle high riding boots should overlap your riding pant to completely prevent any cold air from getting inside your body from underneath. It is also a good idea to purchase riding boots that do not have laces because laces can get tangled with the gear mechanism order for pigs and cause an accident.  

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