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BlockBlueLight is New Zealand's premier provider of blue and artificial light blocking products. Launched through Daniel Ebbett in 2016, BlockBlueLight was really born out of a requirement to correct his worrying health problems.

Right After understanding all of the harmful impacts in which more than exposure to artificial blue light can cause such as digital eye strain and sleep disruption, blockbluelight created the most ideal blue light glasses and computer glasses that remove headaches and eye strain and support along with maximizing melatonin degrees and sleep quality. Their Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Anti Blue Light Computer glasses as the ideal available for blocking blue light

We have an enthusiastic and devoted research and development team that has considering that established a larger variety of glasses for different circumstances along with a collection of various lighting products to cut out extra resources of blue light and boost overall health, consisting of nursery night lights, blue blocking torches, reading lamps, and a broad variety of different blue blocking light bulbs for different situations. In fact, today, our specialty non-blue light emitting light bulbs are some of the items which our customers love the most! Instead than block certain spectrums of light, it's often far more efficient to just not emit blue light at all.

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